The Current Rate Of Growth Minorities

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Data from the 2010 census has shown that collections of people normally grouped as minorities are now the majority in many local markets and even states. The U.S. state Department has revealed that at the current rate of growth minorities will be the majority by 2042. These results are probably a surprise to no one. From popular music to television, media is now rife with diversity. Racism is now an outdated term and ideology. USA has become one big melting pot of cultures and this effects all industries, especially health. Sanner, Baldwin, Cannella, Charles, Parker (2010) suggest that while America is, itself, becoming more diverse the Nursing field is not. Nurses of Caucasian descent continue to dwarf other racial ethnicities within…show more content…
Some professionals have even attacked the use of the word “cultural competency” in the medical field. According to Jane Delgado , of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health in Washington, D.C. “ Competent” means you think you understand. “Proficiency” means you value the cultures. It’s the difference between being a short-order cook and being a chef. If you’re competent, you know your stuff, but application is what proficiency is about “
The definition of culture is one that takes on many meanings . According to Culture is “ the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.” But is this definition enough to describe a word as diverse as culture. Culture is something that defines people as a whole at times. From their music and language to their fashion and religion. Culture is a phenomena that encompasses all these aspects. Roberts (2009) notes that culture is dynamic rather than static. Huge events can shape a culture drastically within a few months even. For example, the 2010 Haiti earthquake shook the culture from its foundation. The capital itself is still in ruins and the social and economic situation is as worse as it has ever been. Yet because of this Haitians have been forced to being cleaning up their own neighborhoods and open up their own schools. This has bonded together those who once would have never known each other.
In the medical field all these tangibles have to be addressed with patients. A
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