The Current Religion of the American Economy as a Barrierand Substitute for Christian Living

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The Current Religion of the American Economy as a Barrierand Substitute for Christian Living

Thenature of this paper, which deals with the presence of a subconscious set ofparticularly American beliefs, inherently involves more reflection than thegathering of data. Whatsimportant is the way we live, not the historical manufacturing of facts whichis more evidence, not description, of the current Religion of the AmericanEconomy. And while most ofthese truths should be self evident (like any good preamble), some statisticswill be cited to illustrate their culmination in everyday life. To set this new dogma in context, Iwill also describe the founding principles of Christian living, with particularattention paid to the
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Instead, it is handled by thepoliticians and media in an environment where we have already separated churchand state.

Embedded Goals

Thus,spiritual goals are substituted with more tangible economic goals, becausetheyre easier to sell on the political scene and more profitable in thecorporate arena. On the Federalside, morality is merely a function of threat to punish, and there exists noreligious doctrine exacting why we are to be lawful. It is simply assumed that each person will choose their ownreasons, spiritual or otherwise, to abide by them (which are exceptionallynumerous in an ethnically, religiously and financially distributed country likeAmerica). And because each hastheir own set of reasons, national morality is not a solidified entity, andthus cannot act towards unification. Therefore, as anation (not necessarily as individuals), we have inherently latched onto acreed entirely more visible that which is seen 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek on television, radio, billboards; it is worn, driven, lived in. ! Smell it in the cosmetics section. Read it in the morning paper. Eat it, drink it, rent it or buy forlife. Millions of differentproducts on the shelf and trillions of dollars in the bank. The realization of Americassubconscious sanctification of its economic system.

. . .and WhereThey Lead Us

Init, the career path is ones primary journey. The spiritual journey