The Current Scenario And Economy Of China

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To expand the manufacturing site in China and answers related to the issues of excess inventories keeping in the warehouses is very expensive, quality not in control and replacement parts, Somerset Furniture should review the current scenario and economy of China. Meaning, the issues relating not only their man-power but also their business and environment policies must be reviewed. If the company plans to manufacture their products in China, the company should consider the product life cycle. Basically, the launch phase will tend to see the new product, produced in the economy where the product is developed. This will solve the problems in replacement parts where Somerset provides a warranty on its furniture, which they often need parts…show more content…
For instance, a number of information technologies had been made available to owners of business organizations for this purpose, from less-sophisticated to more advanced systems. The supply chain operations of most businesses have been enhanced through information technology mainly when the concepts of business and consumers (B2C) and business partners (B2B) were introduced. In addition to tactical solution, internet technology may also lead to the development of SCM systems among business organizations. Through this innovation, product customization, information searches and online deliveries are some common services that are now available to the customers. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors on the other hand, benefit from internet utilization through well-coordinated information sharing. Online auctions are even made possible with this technological development. In addition to internet technology, specific programs and systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) also became one of the most well-known strategies for applying IT within manufacturing enterprises, which helps in facilitating information exchange. In addition to this, ERP also helps the business sector by improving various activities such as the monitoring of orders, materials, schedules and inventories as well as business process engineering. The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is yet another IT strategy that is

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