The Current Situation And Future Requirements Of Data Storage For Higher Education

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(1) Design
In order to understand the current situation and future requirements of data storage for higher education in China, questionnaires and interviews about current systems and platforms are necessary. Questionnaires are one of quantitative methods to investigate some basic questions which may not accurately. Interviews one on one through face-to-face, telephone or Skype is one of qualitative methods to develop a deep understanding which may not academic. However, data from existing literature and text mining research are more accurate and academic which may only show the genetic preference. As a result, to get what we need, combining three methods are important.

Quantitative method
Quantitative method can generate numerical information in order to create graphs, tables as well as statistics. This numerical information is measurable data to show the facts and patterns.
This dissertation mainly uses questionnaires method to collect the data. The questionnaire method is a method which researcher gets to know respondents’ suggestions of designing questionnaires [25]. It is a standardized, indirect and written method which design written questions by researchers and answer in written form by respondents. When designing the questions, there is a less possible for questions to affect by researchers and respondents. That means the questions can reflect the actual ideas of respondents. As a result of this, the questionnaires are standardized and objective. Consequently, the…
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