The Current Situation in Columbia Essay

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Colombia is not the only country with a negative image in developed countries. Each day, there are news about the social, environmental, political aspects of a destination and it creates an idea in people’s minds, this could be either positive or negative depending on the individual and its background. Countries can develop image branding or increase the advertising power but one image can change anything they have worked for. We believe this is the problem the Colombian government has to fight every day. It doesn’t matter how much publicity or good aspects of the country are shown when there is something else.
It isn’t a lie what people listen in documentaries or any other source of information, the current situation in the country is not positive, but at the same time, there always share the negative reality. The impact of the mass media, or even internet and other channels is even worse than any other, it can change any good idea someone can have because they know we believe on what they show us. This is the biggest challenge a destination could have when they want to change its image and international perception.
There are, naturally, other factors to support this image or perception and it is the impression people might have for previous experiences, people who have traveled and have been able to analyze, compare and close the gap between the perception and the reality. People have always a vision of a product or a service, in this case a destination, before buying…