The Current Solution American Citizens

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The current solution American citizens have resulted to for riding the nation of undocumented immigrants is deportation, even if this means separating a family. This affliction happens all too often in America: a child is separated from his or her parents, sometimes lucky enough to have family members to look after them, and other times orphaned. 4.5 million American citizens have at least one undocumented parent according to estimates by the Pew Hispanic Center. And unfortunately, 438,421 deportations in the year 2013 alone left 5,100 children in foster care (Pew Hispanic Center).
Diane Guerrero, an actress on “Orange is the New Black,” is the daughter of two undocumented immigrants (Guerrero). Diane’s parents migrated in pursuit of the American dream because in Columbia they combated economic hardship (Guerrero). Her family sought the economic equity and social mobility that was offered to all persons in America. Tragically, Diane’s parents tried “to become legal but to no avail” (Guerrero). Their attorneys only pocketed their money and did not help their cause (Guerrero). As a child, Diane lived in fear that the American government would deport her family (Guerrero). This horror was all too soon realized for Diane when she was merely 14 years old: after coming home from school one day, her family was nowhere to be found; the immigration officers had robbed her of them (Guerrero). On top of dealing with the emotional distress of separation, no government official had

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