The Current Staff

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Problem & Strategy In observing the Dept. of Motor Vehicles’ transaction process, it demonstrates a complicated and redundant registration structure. In the licensing center, drivers must navigate the decentralized facility, moving from station to station with documents and verification forms (Dresang, 2012). In this situation, the driver must have the correct paperwork and follow the right line order or risk restarting the process. Therefore, the DMV must consider training current employees to process all required paperwork and payments as well as provide license plates. As a result, the registration process is centralized and streamlined because the organization creates a one-stop processing center. Feasibility The training of the current staff involves an individualistic level change, where the organization focuses on improving employees to create an efficient processing system (Miller, 2002). In creating a centralized process, it requires significant staff training and development. The Human Resources (HR) department will analyze the workload, environment, and schedules to create training plans [in-house training videos, manuals, and on-site instructions] and adjust job descriptions and offer compensation. The organization will provide cross-training and manage the employee’s knowledge, skill, and ability to perform the new task and adhere to new policies. As a result, it takes a few months, approximately six months, for crossed-trained employees to
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