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Abstract Over the last couple of years, the internet of things (IoT) has drawn a lot of attention from both academia’s and industries. The internet of things is often interchanged with the internet of everything. Presently, several devices can be connected at the same time, it is hoped that in the nearest future, billions of devices can be connected multifariously and will hopefully extend beyond the margins of physical components. This research will present the current state of art in research on the internet of things by reviewing related literature, ascertaining and describing current trends, current challenges, and future trends in IoT. The paper also provides possible future research directions. Keywords: Internet of Things, IoT,…show more content…
The keywords used for the literature search were “Internet of Things”, “IoT”, “Internet of things; current and future trends”, only scholarly databases were queried. The scholarly databases include: • ABI/INFORM Global • Academic OneFile • ACM Digital Library • Applied Science & Technology Full Text • Business Source Complete • IEEE • Medline • ScienceDirect The search was limited to peer-reviewed journals, full text articles and PDF files only. To further limit the search, we excluded conference papers, doctoral and thesis dissertations, and textbooks. A total number of 161 papers were carefully reviewed, analyzed and classified into a single category based on an existing classification scheme. Table 1 Classification framework for IoT Major Category Sub-category Sub-sub-category Technology Hardware RFID NFC Sensor Networks Software Middleware Search/Browsing Architecture Hardware/Network Architectures Software Architectures Process Architectures General Applications Smart Infrastructure Healthcare Supply/Chain Logistics Social Applications Challenges Security Challenges Privacy Challenges Legal/Accountability Challenges General Challenges Business models Future directions Overview/survey Note. Adapted from “The Internet of Things-A survey of topics and trends.” By Whitmore, A. a., Agarwal, A. a., & Xu, L. I, 2015, Information Systems
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