The Current State Of International Politics

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In this paper I will argue that the current state of international politics is characterized more by cooperation then conflict, and the international politics today is more cooperative then it was in previous eras of international relations. The change in behavior is a result of increased participation in formal international institutions, and the growing interconnectedness of societies as a result of globalization. The shift in international relations from conflictual to cooperative behavior can be seen in international security, monetary relations, and the environment, as states, combined with new non-state actors have begun to utilize formal institutions to generate solutions to international tribulations.


The anarchic nature of international politics creates insecurity for states at the international level, forcing states to develop institutions to create their own security. Throughout history, actors have developed various approaches to mitigate the anarchy of international politics, such as arms build up, alliances, and hegemonic balances of power. While these systems may offer some cooperation, given the multipolar nature of the world today and the increase in security threats from non-state, transnational actors, our current system of collective security institutions has created a new era cooperation in international security.

Security Previous Eras

In previous eras of international relations, states have attempted to gain security…
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