The Current State Of Media Production

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There are many problems that plague the current state of media production. One of main problems for consumers is the increasing corporatization of media. Large production companies placing strict deadlines on developers and forcing them to produce incomplete or broken products. Furthermore, succeeding as an independent producer is becoming more and more difficult. Developers no longer have the tools to compete with big producers who have millions to spend on advertising. As such, devoting time towards a project as an independent developer is risky as success in this area is few and far between. It is for these reasons that crowdfunding seems like such a great concept. Now popular sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo can showcase games…show more content…
Kickstarter is very upfront in their FAQ page, saying that if the creator is unable to complete the project, then Kickstarter is unable to refund any money to any of the project’s backers. Because funders are literally providing the financial drive the project, they are the ones who lose if the project falls through, and there is no amount of consumer protection to prevent this from happening. A counter argument to this is to suggest that consumers should be careful and only fund what appear to be financially stable projects that they believe will be completed. This does not consider the fact that any given project has the potential to fall through, and since the funders have paid up front then there money is gone. But such an argument also ignores a glaring vulnerability in the crowdfunding model: the ability for a scammer to create a perfectly legitimate looking project and run away with the funding under the guise that they were unable to complete the project. The most worrying aspect of this is the fact that very little is being done to prevent such things from happening. The best that Kickstarter is doing at the current moment is employing an “Integrity team” that monitors projects for suspicious activity. The major problem of the crowdfunding model stems from fraudulent projects that trick consumers into funding them, and until such issues are fixed crowdfunding will never be a safe funding method. A primary example of fraud on Kickstarter is Arc
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