The Current State Of Obesity

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ENGLISH COMPOSITION Term 2 By: Darwin Hatfield S104430 Fatty Taxes The current state of obesity in the United States is a greater than that of other countries who live healthier lifestyles. Living healthy lifestyles is a great goal for a country to look towards achieving, and encouraging these lifestyles can benefit the country as well as the people. There are a lot of benefits for living healthy lifestyles, while there are also many negatives to living an unhealthy lifestyle. Taxing fatty foods would help to encourage buying healthy foods, and it could reduce obesity rates in America. There are a couple of problems within this way of thinking like: profits declining, people having to spend more, and the government going…show more content…
With the steady growing problem of obesity, something soon has to change. There has been many programs to try and get citizens into shape, but the next step is to encourage eating healthy, and to increase competition among healthy and unhealthy foods. By raising the price of "fatty" foods (foods that are considered unhealthy by the daily standards) by a reasonable amount to help healthy food compete with the low price of unhealthy foods; it could help the obesity epidemic greatly. Obesity needs to be taken seriously because of how impactful it is becoming in our society. With obesity getting to where it is today, It would be a great thing if the government put health as a concerning issue. The health of the United states has been steadily declining for a couple of decades, and making it a concerning issue could help raise awareness for obesity. Encouraging healthy lifestyles would help improve everyone in the United States. The government already has a program to encourage eating healthy called "Let 's Move" with the spokesperson Michelle Obama. The program is being used to help kids all across the United States to start getting into a healthier lifestyle. "Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled...If we don 't solve this problem, one third of all children born today will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives" ( The obesity epidemic is out of control, and more
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