The Current State Of Pre Operative Education Process

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There were three objectives accomplished in this project. A literature search was completed and summarized. The current state of pre-operative education was determined by collecting pertinent data. Strengths and opportunities for improvement in the pre-operative education process were identified. This project resulted in five recommendations to improve education and services for cataract patients. These suggestions may provide added value for cataract patients due to increased comprehension and retention of the pre-operative information. Using the plain language tools may enhance the quality of service for the cataract patients. Several of the recommendations could be implemented by using the patient engagement team for further education and plain language concepts.
If the recommendations were implemented, this could streamline the process for the patients and staff. There would be an increase in productivity. This would be demonstrated by a decline of issues to address prior to the surgery, decrease delays of the scheduled surgeries and allow the physicians to utilize their time more effectively. Surgeries would not be cancelled, because the patient ate breakfast or did not have transportation home.
If the clinical staff had the tools of plain language and best practice for educating the elderly, they would be able to focus on the patient and provide patient centered care. They would be able to simplify the instructions, allow more time for cognitive processing,…
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