The Current State Of Supports And Interventions For Their Disabilities Essay

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Social work practice is an area of thought where much emphasis is put on new and more in depth discoveries of combating disadvantage. Three leading themes within social work research are critical awareness, the capacity to view aspects from new perspectives and mindfulness as opposed to rigid thinking (Alston & Bowles, 2012). Women with disabilities are more likely to report abuse then women without disabilities, and even abuse specific to their disabilities (Rich, 2014). Women with disabilities are more likely to face issues accessing services and support, and this can be linked to discriminatory stereotypes (Pestka & Wendt, 2014). This literature review has been done to help identify the current state of supports and interventions for these women with their disabilities and any children they may have accounted for, in their immediate and long-term support options and possible areas of change. This literature review will begin with a brief summary of the data collected. Continued by an exploration of the research’s importance for social work practice. Key terms used with their definitions will then follow and the methodology used to create this literature review will be explained. Results and findings are then expanded on within the four key themes of: fear; accessing services; disbelief and professional incompetence. Gaps in the literature are discussed before moving into an examination of the implications for social work practice that the research has produced. Women
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