The Current State Of The Government

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In the current state of the government, there is a constant question about states having more or less power compared to the federal government. There is a true power problem, one in which the Constitution tried to address when the founding fathers first created the document and established Federalism. Federalism is a system of government where power is divided geographically between national government and sub-nations or states (The Constitution, 2013). Through the centuries, the power has swung in favor of the states and the federal government at different time and was dependent upon the situations presented to the nation. The ideal government model addresses all federal requirements outline in the Constitution and still allow the states and people to continue living with civil liberties. Checks and balances are established that hold the sovereignty of the nation together. This essay will highlight the current state of the government and answer the question, who has more power currently? When the Constitution was first enacted, there were only 13 states. Today, there are 50 states, increasing the power states hold compared to 1787. But simply having more states and representatives than the federal government does not mean they have more power. The Constitution was written in favor of the federal government. When the Constitution was enacted, it actually took powers from the first states. There was a Supremacy Clause or “Law of the Land” laws, that dictated stipulations to
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