The Current State Of The Industry

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Regarding Industry: What is the current state of the industry? What is the potential future growth for that industry? 

In regards to the current state of the industry – It is currently categorized under the Online and Retail industry in association with sporting goods.
We have conducted an analysis with the use of Porters competitive forces, which has allowed us to determine intensity of profitability, attractiveness and the competition of the retail industry.
These forces consist of:
1. Competitive rivalry within the industry
Competitive rivalry is between moderate and high as there are many competitors entering the online retail industry rapidly.

2. Threat of new entrants –
If it is easy for markets to enter the retail business, it will result in an increase of competition. However, there are factors that limit the threat of new businesses entering the market known as barriers to entry, consisting of obstacles that will make it much harder to enter the particular industry.

3. Bargaining power of suppliers
The bargaining power of suppliers would be fairly low because competition among suppliers means suppliers increasing prices and decreasing quantity of supply is very low.

4. Bargaining power of buyers

5. Threat of substitutes

Do sales fluctuate at different times of the year?
As we are still in the planning process of opening our business, we assume our sales will fluctuate at different times of the year.
The following examples indicate when
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