The Current Status Of Education At Texas A & M International University

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Los Obispos Middle School The school being researched for this paper is Los Obispos Middle School and is located in Laredo, Webb County, Texas. The purpose of this evaluation paper is to discuss in detail the current status in education of this school as it pertains the No Children Left Behind Act of 2001 and as part of the course in Sociology of Education at Texas A&M International University. The information discussed will encompass demographic statistical information such as population, labor, poverty, crime, and education rates. The information presented will be at the local, state, and national levels and is relevant in order to layout and inform where the school stands in comparison with other schools that will be discussed as part of this course. Also discussed, will be the social and economic implications and the policies that have been implemented to correct or improve the current education standing of this school and social theories in education that have been used in order to implement such social policies. Finally, this paper will examine what trends are occurring and if these trends are within the expectations of current policies and standards, what has been done or what can be done in order to improve the education level of Los Obispos Middle School. DEMOGRAPHICS Los Obispos Middle School is located in South Laredo and is one of nine middle schools of the United Independent School District. The United Independent School District is headquartered in Laredo as
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