The Current Status Of The Millennium Development Goals

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What possible reasons may there be to explain the fact that although the GDP per capita annual growth rates were negative over the period, the HDI value still increased. HDI stands for the Human Development Index and GDP stands for gross domestic product. Even though a positive GDP will lead to a higher HDI value, a negative GDP per capita growth rate doesn’t necessarily mean the HDI value will decrease. There are other factors which contribute to a high HDI value, not just the GDP rate. These include life expectancy, education, mortality rates, and gender equality. So, it is possible that there is still a positive HDI value even though the GDP per capita annual growth rates were decreasing. You may be asked to outline the current status of the Millennium Development Goals. You will find short progress reports on each of the 8 goals. Now
Read through the reports
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One of the greatest challenges that people need to face is to eradicate extreme poverty. Even though some progress has been made, over 800 million people live on less than $1.25 USD a day. The progress that has been made has been uneven with statistics showing that more women are in need of shelter, water, and other basic needs than men.
Education has proved to have a direct correlation to economic development, which is why it has become one of the Millennium Development Goals. Progress has been made, with enrolment rate reaching 91%. However, nations won’t stop until every child
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