The Current System Of Appointment

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Introduction It is arguable that the current system of appointment judges into office that have been in use for a protracted period of time has done a host of ills to the citizenry of United State of America. It’s a system that should be restructured for it to serve the purpose of justice for the good will of Americans. As an overview, the system that is in use has giving the sitting president a wider berth of nominating the judges that will be given a go ahead by the senators. Tushnet (2009), this system is enshrined in article two of American constitution that states that the president “shall nominate by and with advice and consent of senate shall appoint the judge.” This is the blueprint of how the American supreme judge comes into…show more content…
It is therefore inconsequential if they all read from the same script of confirmation. In the history of senator confirming the nomination of the judges in order to give a go ahead for the appointment of the president, there has been only little rejection. In the current 111th congress of United State of America, there are 55 democrat senators, 2 independent senators and 41 republicans. All the candidates that have been sponsored by a specific party are bound by their political party constitution to be loyal to its political demand. They cannot oppose what their president has proposed. Crandall (2014), confirm this fact where the nomination of the prospective judge end up being an appointment. The purpose of the senators on the either side of the political divide is to check on the powers of the president and prevent skewed nomination. This purpose is not served since the numbers of the majority in the congress are all fighting for the common political interest in the country. The majority is always on the side of the president hence rendering their role null and void. It is therefore justifiable to argue that the measure put in place to check the president is ineffective and inefficient in delivering an impartial judge that will serve the interest of the country and not being loyal to the interest of the president.
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