The Current System Of Appointment

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Introduction It is arguable that the current system of appointment judges into office that have been in use for a protracted period of time has done a host of ills to the citizenry of United State of America. It’s a system that should be restructured for it to serve the purpose of justice for the good will of Americans. As an overview, the system that is in use has giving the sitting president a wider berth of nominating the judges that will be given a go ahead by the senators. Tushnet (2009), this system is enshrined in article two of American constitution that states that the president “shall nominate by and with advice and consent of senate shall appoint the judge.” This is the blueprint of how the American supreme judge comes into office. It’s a system that has resulted in a number of ills that they need to restructure it into electing the judges into office basing on the qualities they have to deliver not on the whims of the president wishes. There are a number of reasons that compromise delivery of justice when a judge is nominated that can be reduced if they are subjected to electorate of the American people. The following are the supported claims that should be considered when changing the nomination and appointment to election of judges. They will reduce the capacity of manipulation of the judges in an attempt of subverting justice.

Congress consent to nomination has add no value First and foremost, the consent of the senator does not add any value to the nominee…
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