The Current System Of Education

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Imagine a world without the abilities to feed or drink, count, or speak. Imagine a world without the knowledge of health and wellness, problem solving, or the ability to interact with one another. Education is important to know yourself and the world around us, prepares us for what the future holds, and teaches us the skills we need in order to survive. But what is an education without the right methods of teaching? Without the motivation and encouragement? Without the funds to increase help for students? I believe that the current system of education fails to prepare our children for the future. We live in a country where equality of educational opportunities is deficient, test taking defines students’ standards and replaced the exploration of a student’s mind, and useless academic requirements are demanded. From the first day of kindergarten we are trained to do well at taking tests. Grade after grade and semester after semester we learn and study the course material, but tests make or break us—they determine if we have reached the academic standards and criteria. In the video “Geoffrey Canada: Our Failing Schools. Enough is Enough!” Geoffrey Canada explains the problem with testing—after we take our tests we go on vacation, wait until we get our test results, then receive the results, which have great data showing what the student could and couldn’t be able to do. But what do we do with it after getting it back after the school year is over? We simply do not look at it.
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