The Current System Of Health Care

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In his campaign for president in the 2008 election, Barack Obama presented an idea for nationwide health care. Many people were intrigued by his new outlook on the issue of health care, their views on politics refreshed by a promising new leader. The question was, how good could this large of an idea really be? Once he was elected, the Affordable Care Act was pushed quickly through Congress. However, after it was written into law, people began to dislike this health care reform. Most of the act has already taken effect, yet some pieces still remain untouched. Many Americans have an aversion the bill because it has increased the amount of money spent on health care, and they perceive it taking a negative effect on businesses.
According to Stephen Fishman, the Affordable Care Act includes five changes to the current system of health care. The first change is that a tax penalty must be paid if people do not have at least the minimum required health insurance coverage. The second change is that employers with a certain number of employees must provide health insurance coverage to those employees. Also, health insurers cannot deny coverage to anyone for any reason. Self-employed people and small business owners can purchase their health care through the state health insurance exchanges. The last major change is that moderate and low-income individuals may qualify for tax credits to help pay for their health insurance (Fishman). These alterations made the act very different from
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