The Current System Of Medical Education

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The current system of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Russia bears a significant impression of the Soviet system of medical education. (Academic Medicine in Russia: Burger, Ziganshina et al). Even though, Russia currently has around 76 medical schools (World Directory of Medical Schools) it still faces a huge deficit of doctors. (Interview of the Minister of Health of Russian Federation: Limitations in the medical education, lack of accessibility to updated electronic medical resources; have adversely affected several health indicators. Therefore, in order to improve health outcomes, postgraduate medical training in Russia needs to be intensified and organized in collaboration with international partners (some aspects of medical education in Russia: Sergei Jargin).
Kazan State Medical University (KazanSMU) has been in collaboration with two leading global health institutions in the US. As a part of the collaboration, several faculty members have been trained at Yale University School of Medicine and Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN). KazanSMU was one of the first medical universities in Russia to participate and implement the Stanford Faculty Development Model, incorporate mandatory evidence-based medicine elective into curriculum and participate in tri-partite global health electives.

Objectives and Methods
In this paper we attempt to focus…
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