The Current Systems And Policies

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In contemporary Scotland, there are a large variety of needs that people require to live comfortable and fulfilling lives. These needs arise in lots of different areas such as healthcare, education and housing. The concept of need is a fundamentally important aspect of social policy because most social policies are primarily implemented with the goal of helping and supporting people whose needs are not currently being met by society. This essay will solely focus on the needs that come up regarding healthcare, and will look to evaluate the current systems and policies in place that are tasked with meeting these needs. Nearly every member of Scottish society will, at some point whether it be at birth or in old age, require some type of health service to support them and meet their needs so it is vitally important that these services are readily accessible and are of a satisfactory standard. Some of the specific healthcare issues explored will include; the access to prescription medicine, the impacts of free childhood immunisation programs, the dangers of smoking and the negative effect of alcohol abuse on the National Health Service. This essay will also look to come to a general conclusion about whether enough is being done to maintain the universal health and well-being of the people of Scotland.
The concept of need can often be difficult to define because it can mean different things to different people and people’s needs naturally differ from one another. Needs can differ
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