The Current Total U.s. National Debt

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Government Spending

1. What is the current total U.S. National Debt?
 The current total U.S. National Debt is: 18,150,545,316,215 (Get Involved 2015). 2. In what year did debt as a percentage of GDP achieve record highs? How high was it? Based on current projections when will debt reach that share of GDP again?
 The year the debt percentage of the GDP achieved record highs was 1946, at 106.1. (Get Involved 2015). The debt will reach that share of GDP again in approximately 2031 (Get Involved 2015).

3. What are the three biggest sources of government spending in the current year?
 The three biggest sources of government spending are Health, Social Security, and Defense (The Concord Coalition 2015).

4. Spending and Revenue are divided into ten categories, such as Investments, General Government, etc. Choose three spending categories and one revenue category to write about. What decisions to spend or cut did you make in each of the categories that you chose? Explain your choices. Be sure to read the pro/con arguments for each decision. Which arguments did you find most convincing?
 The three areas I chose to reduce spending:
 Overall Spending Levels: Cut $929B by freezing discretionary spending (Federal Budget Challenge 2015). Arguments that helped to make this decision were that families are tightening their spending so the federal government should be doing the same. Also, that activities that this money provided can be obtained in the private
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