The Current Working Practices Of Ajs Maps A Company

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Firstly, I will be talking about the current working practices of AJS Maps a company, which provides and creates the maps for the Tourist Industry used as Tourist Information Brochure. Moreover, there are various advantages and disadvantages for the working practises. However, they are mainly negative. Moreover, there is an office for the staffs for new projects to be able to do various tasks. This means that the staffs will have plenty of space to do the tasks in the room. As, well, as colleagues can help one another if they are confused with a particular task they are unaware of. However, the disadvantage is that there are no hardware or software, which will need to be purchased for the staffs to be able to do a task. For example, if they were set a task to create a table in Adobe Dreamweaver and use the Computer. Eventhough, there is unlimited internet the staffs will not be able to do the tasks. Although, some of the staffs may have a computer or laptop not all individuals would have their own laptop to do the tasks. There is internet connection available, which means that the staffs have the opportunity to go on the internet and download devices that they need to use regularly. This is a decisive factor because in this society everyone uses Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication in the history of mankind. Internet can be explained as a network of computers, designed to receive and send data in the form of e-mails,
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