The Current World Wide Epidemic Of Obesity Essay

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Historical: The current world wide epidemic of obesity is recognized as a severe health crisis. The latest survey conducted in New Zealand found that the number of obese males aged 15 plus, exceeded 40 percent and for their female equivalents were exceeding 25 percent (Ministry of health 2008) Historically New Zealand has had low obesity rates but these have skyrocketed in recent years. The increase in, obesity in New Zealand is closely linked to the emergence of the modern kiwi lifestyle which has evolved over time. The way in which society works today is a far cry from our parents and even further from our grandparents. The current lifestyle choices we have with easy access to fast-food is believed to have emerged in the 1930’s and has grown enormously in New Zealand with 161 McDonalds locations in New Zealand alone (Mc Donald’s New Zealand) The foods commonly eaten today bear little resemblance to the foods of our ancestors, with the rise of fast foods and processed snacks. It also appears that while water and milk used to be the go to thirst quenchers, now only a carbonated drink will do. Open any fridge in New Zealand today and you will find sugar laden bottles of soda. These types of food cannot compare to the meat and three vegetable mindset of the typical 1970’s kiwi family. It seems under-nutrition in a person 's early life, or even similar food deprivation in the life of that person 's parents, can set the next generations metabolism to create fat reserves

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