The Current Year 2017, Marks The 20Th Anniversary Of The

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The current year 2017, marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Netflix. In today’s society, “Netflix and Chill” is an actual term used by Millennials, young adults, and adolescents. Netflix accounts are shared like candy, and a break-up results in your ex continuing to use your Netflix account. It is hard to imagine a time when this was not the norm, when Netflix did not exist. In order to live the Netflix obsessed lives society does, what had to happen? What is the history of Netflix? The Founding of Netflix In 1997, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph co-founded Netflix. The duo became acquainted through their previous jobs at Pure Atria. Coincidentally Hastings and Randolph both lived in Santa Cruz, and were in the same “little…show more content…
This idea was ruled out because of “logistical challenges” (Xavier) with VHS tapes. However, around this time DVD’s were up and coming, allowing for the resurrection of this otherwise buried idea. In order to see if shipping would be a problem, Hastings and Randolph “mailed a CD to Reed’s house” (Xavier). This is “one of the founding myth stories that is actually very true” (Xavier). When the CD arrived at Hastings house undamaged the two realized that they may just be on to something. Following their epiphany was a period of “working through the details” (Xavier), where Randolph mainly, worked through things such as cost and how the company would work. Eventually there was nothing else that could be researched or worked out and the pair had to “jump” (Xavier) into their new business. Once the company began, Randolph ran the company as CEO and Hastings funded it and contributed when he could. The Growth of Netflix Today only Hastings remains with Netflix, while Randolph left the company back in 2002, and the company’s board of directors in 2004. Leadership is not the only change Netflix has seen. The Netflix known today “bears almost a zero resemblance” (Xavier) to the original concept Hastings and Randolph envisioned for Netflix. The original concept was to provide a movie rental service without due dates and late fees. However, logistics did not favor this vision, and instead Netflix’s

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