The Current Youth Is The Future

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The current youth is the future. The minds that are still developing are the ones that will be shaping the way the world will continue to progress and what that kind of progress will look like. The world is currently progressing towards power and control, and has been since the beginning of history. The way to achieve power is what has been changing. Whoever has the most bombs, nuclear weapons, or who is feared the most has the most control. Terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, and other jihadist groups have developed in order to gain control. Their followers are the youth of these developing countries; the youth that are shaping our world are being taught to exploit gaping security voids, how to use military grade weapons, and participate in endemic corruption. SSG-Advisors is working to end the extremism violence that is taking over the youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. SSG Advisors is a development company with innovative approaches to development challenges, which strive to combine the private sectors and the community to act as partners instead of beneficiaries. With the current global development challenges, there is a demand for innovative and interconnected solutions that also address economic, environmental, and social factors to progress with sustainable results for both clients and stakeholders. The main sectors that SSG Advisors participate in are food security, youth, climate, and inclusive markets. The company has expertise in partnerships, capacity
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