The Current Youth 's Participation

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The current youth’s participation in modern technology can have favourable and adverse effects on their development. Technological progression has expanded a person’s understanding or the opportunity to further one’s understanding on health. This advancement has a number of positive effects on our developing youth. The main benefit of youth’s relationship with technology is having a source of information readily available for their serious inquires. The internet is a prime method of accessing crucial data that is not available to them in their traditional education. The obvious advantage to this is that youth can be better informed, behave responsibly and spread this knowledge to others. It is unrealistic in today’s world to shelter youth…show more content…
Some internet sites understand that mental issues are an illness and need proper care. They explain how the individual is not abnormal or faulty for having issues such as depression. It also encourages them to seek advice and help from health professionals for their troubles because they are serious illness that should not be ignored. The influence of technology is unavoidable in everyone’s daily life. Youth, especially have a increased relationship with it and because of its complexity, they cannot be protected from its dangers. Youth having unlimited access to technology has a number of affects on their development. “In one survey among U.S. adolescents (12–14 years old) two thirds (66%) of males and more than one third (39%) of females had seen at least one form of sexually explicit media (Internet sites, X-rated movies, adult magazines) in the past year (Brown & L 'Engle, 2009).” One major aspect is the unrestricted access to technology, such as the internet, can have harmful effects on their mental health and sexual safety. Early exposure to explicit sexual material can cause premature involvement with sexual activity. Engaging in sexual behaviour before one is ready can have harmful effects on someone’s mental health. Also, youth may lack important information regarding sexual health, such as contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases, that can bring them harm. Not only can early involvement with sexually explicit information can be
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