The Curriculum And Implementation Of Instructional Planning

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To ensure that the academic standards are used in the design and implementation of instructional planning, schools have progressed through a series of curriculum and teaching initiatives in their search for the right mix of strategies that will lead to student achievement of the standards. Although districts may have selected different approaches to the standards in any given year, a pattern of responses has emerged. The first response focused on alignment: aligning the curriculum with the scope and sequence of the standards, adoption of standards aligned curriculum material, and development of teacher training programs in the content of the standards. However, when NCLB became law, the increased accountability for standards achievement stimulated districts to take actions centered on high-stakes tests rather than the content of the standards and frameworks. Administrators are looking at the results of standards-based tests and focus teachers on test preparation. Possibly the single most popular approach to the standards is curriculum alignment. Most school districts have worked hard to align the cope and sequence of the curriculum with the scope and sequence of the topics in state standards. Clearly, the teachers need to cover the topics included in the standards, but this task alone is not enough. There is a distinct difference between alignment with the topics of the standards and achievement of the expectations included in the standards. Standards were written to raise
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