The Curriculum And Instruction Programs

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1. According to Sorenson, Goldsmith, Mendez and Maxwell (2011), visionary school leaders should know how to integrate curriculum and instruction to promote student achievement. These leaders must ensure that there is integration between the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Lunenburg & Irby provide a roadmap for effective school leaders to address this responsibility. Discuss the roadmap provided by these authors. How will this roadmap empower leaders to serve as VISIONARY INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERS? What will these leaders need to KNOW and be able to DO? As demands for greater accountability increase, school leaders must be able to integrate their curriculum and instruction programs. The text outlines a roadmap for effective school leaders during the integration process. First, the school leader must review empirical research literature relative to student learning, teaching effectiveness, and student achievement. Secondly, the school leader has to analyze school data to determine exactly what areas of the curriculum should be integrated. Thirdly, the school leader should weigh the teacher experience factor. Next, the school leader will need to pilot an integrative model that includes all stakeholders. Finally, the school leader must initiate a four-quadrant analysis to ensure that the curriculum integration is efficient and effective. The roadmap will empower leaders to serve as visionary instructional leaders because it provides guidance throughout the integration
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