The Curriculum And Lesson Planning

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Teacher Interview During the interview I asked Ms. Mandy questions about the curriculum and lesson planning. During the summer she works with kindergarten and first grade. When the children go back to school she works with the younger groups. She is working in a toddler room. For Ms. Mandy a good teacher is someone who is reliable patient, and compassionate. She also believes teachers should get down to the child’s level and to pay attention to the children’s needs in order to be a good teacher. In Ms. Mandy’s workplace they use Creative Curriculum. Creative Curriculum is to teach children to be thinkers. Teachers will observe and document the child’s development throughout the time the child is in the center. When creating the lesson plans they include the objectives the children should learn from the activities. To Ms. Mandy the Creative Curriculum is a guideline for her to have developmentally appropriate practice for her lesson planning. She said that the Creative Curriculum aligns with the Illinois Early Learning Standards which goes along with the Common Core. From what I see is that birth through kindergarten the daycare centers use the Creative Curriculum to see their developmental process and then when the children start heading off to public school. The public schools use the Common Core to prepare them for college and the workforce. I feel that this is good to align these two types of tools to help children succeed in school and life. Ms. Mandy said that they
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