The Curriculum Definitions Of Curriculum

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Curriculum Definitions There are numerous diverse definitions of curriculum. According to Churchill (2013), the term curriculum is stemmed from the Latin word currere, which means to run a set route or course. Many technical understandings then view curriculum as a mapping of the course to be followed by students in school. Therefore, it commonly happens when teachers are asked about curriculum, they often go to the syllabus document, which contains a set of materials, for the answer. However, Grundy (cited in Churchill, 2013) states that curriculum is not merely as an object, which is a thing to be taught, learned, facilitated, or transferred, but it is also an action which involves the interaction of four components; the teachers, the students, the subjects and the milieu. Clarke and Pittaway (2014) take a similar stance and argue that curriculum is “an interrelated set of planned content and experiences in which a student engages within the context of the school and under the guidance of teachers” (p. 91). In short, it can be said that curriculum is not only about subject matters but it also covers the quality of teaching, the engagement of the learners, and the context in which learning and teaching occurs. Different Types of Curriculum Generally, there are several different types of curriculum proposed by Wilson (2015) in her article. Those could be categorized according to the common classifications of today schools. On the other hand, Corrigan (2015) mentions that
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