The Curriculum : Education Courses That Promote Professional Nursing Knowledge And Practice

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Criterion 4.4: The curriculum includes general education courses that enhance professional nursing knowledge and practice. 
 Prerequisite general education courses to complete the nursing program consist of anatomy and physiology I & II, microbiology, composition I & II, sociology speech communications, mathematics for nursing, nursing technology, growth and development, general psychology, and workshop for hybrid students. Starting Fall 2015 semester the school of nursing will no longer require human growth and development. Table 4.4 illustrates chosen courses that impact professional nursing knowledge and practice. These courses provide students the ability to become well rounded individuals through development in the nursing…show more content…
The course information does integrate concepts pertaining to care of individuals from other cultural and economic backgrounds. Criterion 4.6: The curriculum and instructional processes reflect educational theory, inter-professional collaboration, research, and current standards of practice. 
 The ADN nursing curriculum has identified frameworks created by Charles Reigeluth’s framework as the instructional design for the curriculum. The curriculum is organized from simple to complex and learner centered, as Reigeluth’s theory supports. The ADN nursing courses are sequenced from simple to complex, which allows students to optimize attainment of learning goals. Interdisciplinary collaboration is apparent in the ADN curriculum. In NUR 10505, students learn the basic skills to promote psychological stability, physiological stability and safety, communication techniques, patient rights, and the delegation process. Student’s learn to apply the knowledge of basic skills to collaborate with patients and healthcare team members to care for pregnant patients and newborn patients NUR 10606. Collaboration is demonstrated with patients, families, and the healthcare team and learning to apply the principles of delegation and prioritization in the course NUR 20505. In NUR 21303 student’s focus on collaborating with a healthcare team to experience
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