The Curriculum For A Diverse Range Of Student Skills, Abilities And Backgrounds

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Adapting the curriculum to meet the requirements for a diverse range of student skills, abilities and backgrounds, whilst endorsing learning engagement in a safe and secure learning environment within today’s classrooms provides challenges for teachers. Thus the following essay intents to convey the importance of specifically designing activities to actively engage learners and appreciate the value in catering for differentiation among learners.

Designing activities that actively engage learners
The primary goal of the lesson sequence was to actively engage students through fostering problem solving skills and develop conceptual understanding about mathematics. Consequently a range of authentic learning experiences that aimed to actively engage learners through the use of real life contexts, concrete materials and peer collaboration was incorporated in the lessons. The purpose of designing authentic learning experiences was to enthral students in true mathematical problem solving. Fisher, (2005) supports this theory by stating ‘The true use of maths is seen in its application to real-life problems. The activities throughout the lesson plan were intended to support students in actively constructing knowledge by completely immersing students in relevant and authentic learning experiences to become an expert on the content.

Research shows that mathematics achievement is increased through the long term use of concrete instructional materials and students
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