The Curriculum Of A Preschool Classroom

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This week’s article provided interesting insight into science curriculum in a preschool classroom. I believe that children experience scientific concepts all around them every day, for example, weather and shadows, and that they are looking for information and the language to understand these concepts. This article furthered my belief that preschool children are capable of learning and exploring abstract scientific concepts. Furthermore, this articles supported my beliefs that although capable of understanding abstract concepts, preschoolers require teacher guided support in learning these concepts, as they often do not yet have the language require to explain the phenomenon’s they see happening.

In this article Peterson and French (2008) take an in-depth look at the “ways in which preschool teachers support the development of children’s explanatory language through science inquiry” (p. 395). Peterson and French (2008) used a Head Start center that used the ScienceStart curriculum for their study (p. 395). The study was conducted on the concept of colour mixing over the course of 5 weeks. The sessions were video tapped in order to analyze the teachers facilitation of the sessions as well 47 children participate in pre and post assessments regarding their explanatory language (Peterson & French, 2008). The results suggested that through teacher supports like “modeling and eliciting appropriate language forms”, “encouraging…
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