The Curriculum Of American Business Schools

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Over the last two decades, study abroad programs have become gradually incorporated into the standard curriculum of American business schools, and are now considered a defining characteristic of such educational institutions (Altbach & Knight, 2007; Loh, et al., 2011). As the economic, political, and societal forces of globalization proliferate, the traditional belief that American students can be fully educated toward becoming successful business leaders within the borders of the United States has diminished (Loh, et al., 2011). Indeed, the extension of globalization into the realm of business schools, and with it the prioritization of market logic, has pushed such educational entities toward broader international involvement
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What are the motivating factors behind offering study abroad programs in one business school setting?
2. What socialization and knowledge transference purposes do such opportunities serve, and is a market-based logic observable in the school’s socialization of students through study abroad programs?
While business school study abroad programs may socialize students toward cross-cultural awareness, this paper finds such programs socialize student awareness in pursuit of fostering a corporate culture to benefit a neoliberal agenda. Further, study abroad opportunities are offered in pursuit of organizational marketing goals such as increasing enrollments in the business school. The purpose of this paper thusly is to situate the business school within the neoliberal model of education by telling a local story of study abroad at one university, and to critically examine the interview data of key actors and participants in study abroad programs for evidence of a neoliberal agenda. By reflecting on this story, this paper hopes to unpack some of the ways in which knowledge is being shaped through study abroad in the contemporary business school setting. Utilizing a neoliberal framework and guided by the Foucauldian tradition of critical analysis, this paper begins with a review of the existing literature on the business school as a site of knowledge creation and diffusion, and will explore the agendas of business schools in developing and offering study abroad programs. Next,
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