The Curse (Form 5 Spm Literature)

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Lee Su Ann was born in 1978 and is the eldest child in a family of five. Growing up in Penang, she started writing at the age of 13 and published her first short story when she was 16. Her favourite authors are Agatha Christie, Jane Austen and Isaac Asimov. Although she trained and worked as an embryologist at a fertility centre for five years, she kept her passion for writing and wrote numerous works of fiction and non- fiction and had some of her short stories and articles published in The Star and the New Straits Time since 1994. She had won several writing competitions: a short stories writing competition organised by the Resort World in 1994, titled The Fun They Had; a science essay…show more content…
The village gossip, Normala, spreads the news that Madhuri was murdered. She goes on to say that she saw Madhuri body before it was taken away and that her blood is unusual – it was white in colour. Normala believes this to be bad omen and says that something bad will befall the village and villagers and that they have all been “curse”. CHAPTER 4 Azreen reaches home but is unable to view her sister, Madhuri’s body as it has already been taken for burial. Meanwhile, there is an air of mystery over Madhuri’s sudden death. Village gossip, Normala keep insisting that she saw Madhuri’s blood being white in colour.Azreen take her mother to the burial ground. There she sees her father, Saleh Abdullah and Madhuri’s husband, Haji Ghani. Her father gets angry at her for bringing her mother there. Walking back from the cemetery, she meets her old friend and classmate, Mohd Asyraf.They exchange greeting and Azreen is upset whenever she sees him as she knows he like Madhuri more than her. Back in her living room, Fatiha, Haji Ghani’s first wife tears up the curtains Madhuri had put up their house with a keris. She is angry with Madhuri for dominating her home and ruining her peaceful married life with her husband. CHAPTER 5 Azreen meets Mohd Asraf and enquires about the circumstances that lead to Madhuri’s death. Asraf tells her that Madhuri’s body was found in a rubber estate in their village and that her death is due

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