The Curse Of The Kehlets: A Case Study

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On March 22nd, 2015, an inexperienced prospecting couple went missing. Raymond Kehlet, 47 years old and his wife, Jennie Kehlet 49 years old from Beverly both disappeared while prospecting for gold in Tabletop near Sandstone.
Sandstone is a small town located in the mid-west region of Western Australia and 661 km north of Perth. Sandstone has a small population of 105 people. Sandstone receives 255.1 mm of rain annually on average and highest temperature is 27.3 o c in January and lowest is 13.2o c in July. In 1894, gold was discovered at Sandstone which became part of the gold rush town site. In result, there are now many old mineshafts in the area of Sandstone.
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Raymond had last contacted his daughter two days before the disappearance. However, on the 8th of April, decomposed unidentified human remains were found in an abandoned mineshaft. Then nine days later, forensic scientist confirmed the body belongs to Raymond Keith Kehlet. Strangely, the remains had no shirt nor safety and prospecting equipment nearby. Relatives of Raymond say that he is very firm about safety and would not go prospecting without safety equipment. This creates suspicions on his wife, Jennie Kehlet, who is still missing. However, there is no evidence of…show more content…
They believe the answer will never be confirmed until Jennie is found as there are many unanswered questions and my possibilities. Many people suspect that Jennie had killed her husband after a conflict or the greed for gold. However, this is very unlikely as relatives and friends claimed that the couple barely argues and there were no evident of murder. Although, if this is a murder case, the most plausible suspect would be Graham Milne, the man who left the couple just before they disappeared. Furthermore, he refused to speak with the reporters and had introduced the couple to gold prospecting. Still, there are no evident of criminality for this disappearing case.
I believe the most plausible theory would be Mr Milne had left the couple for his own personal reasons. The Kehlet decided to continue their search for gold when they wandered off-course. During the night, Raymond Kehlet stumbled upon a
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