The Curse of Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day is an over commercialized holiday which can provide romantic hope to individuals by encouraging people to slow down and appreciate the people they love. The dark history of Valentine’s Day gave way to couples trying to meet set expectations and single people feeling excluded. The day is not completely harmful, though, as Valentine’s Day has the ability to bond people and give romantic hope to individuals. The middle of February however was not always this romantic celebration of love. In an attempt to control an early Roman fertility holiday known as Lupercalia, the Christian Church chose the middle of February as St. Valentine’s day, but the day was not associated with romance until the thirteenth century. (“Bet You Didn’t Know: Valentine’s Day”) Although there were three Saint Valentines, all of whom died gruesomely on February 14th, the most commonly held belief is that the name of the holiday linked back to a specific one of the three. (Brunner, par. 2) This specific Saint Valentine went against the Roman government who assumed unmarried men made better soldiers by marrying soldiers illegally. (“Bet You Didn’t Know: Valentine’s Day”) Hung at a later date for his crimes, it is believed he signed a final goodbye note to a romantic interest as ‘from your Valentine’. (Brunner, par. 3) After a Pope declared the day as a dedication to the Saint, it later became associated with romance. (“Bet You Didn’t Know: Valentine’s Day”) In Europe the tradition of gifts
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