The Curse on King Tutankhamen

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Although these works are interesting, they do not cover the entire story. There is so much more to the curse that many people do not know. As you read this paper, you will begin to understand the truth of the curse, not what Hollywood wants you to know. So, what is the curse? The Curse of the Pharaoh was uncovered after the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s in March of 1923. A novelist whose name is Mari Corelli published an article about the tomb. In this article, she expressed the danger of uncovering tomb. She warned the explorers to use extra caution while entering the tomb. She also said there would be deadly consequences following the discovery. After the tomb was uncovered, signs of the curse began to reveal themselves. Howard Carter, the main explorer during the discovery, had a pet canary. When the tomb was opened, it is said that his pet canary was immediately eaten by a cobra. In ancient Egypt, cobras where signs sent from a god that showed the Pharaoh would be protected. In other words, a cobra was a sign of the Pharaoh’s protection. Prior to the discovery, a theatre in Egypt put on a performance of a mummy coming back to life and wreaking havoc after his tomb was opened. Some Egyptians took this as a warning sign that the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb would be dangerous and deadly. The curse affected the people who followed Carter.…

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