The Custom Woodworking Company Case Study

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Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Custom Woodworking Company Corporate Profile 3 III. Opportunity 4 IV. Project Concepts 5 V. Case Study Proposal 5 VI. Project Processes and Knowledge Areas 6 VII. Project Planning 7 VIII. Quality 8 IX. Cost Estimating 9 X. Risk Identification and Management 10 XI. Facility Startup and Project Closeout 11 XII. Conclusion 12 XIII. Bibliography 13 I. Introduction The Custom Woodworking Company (CWC) was founded in 1954 by Ron “Woody” Carpenter. Woody, after an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker, started his own…show more content…
For fiscal year 2012, sales were $93,250,000 with net earnings of $6,540,000. Directors: • Ron Carpenter (Woody) – Chairman & CEO • Mrs. Emelia Carpenter – President • Kim Qualey – Executive Vice President • John Carpenter – Director Other Key Personnel: • Miles Faster – VP of Production • Spencer Moneysworth – VP of Finance and Administration • Molly Bussell – VP of Personnel • Bruce Sharpe – VP of Sales and Estimating • Kim Cashman – Controller • Ian Leadbetter – Project Manager • Randy Schemers – Principal, Schemers and Plotters (S&P), Industrial Design Consultants • Alfred Fowler – Director, Expert Industrial Developers (EID), Industrial Property Developers and Contractors • Ivar Kontrak – EID Project Manager • Dave Rivett – I. Beam Construction Ltd., Steel Fabricators and Installers • Bert Leakey – Classic Cladding Co., Cladding and Roofing Contractors • Charlie Droppe – I. C. Rain Ltd., Water-Proofing Contractors • Olaf Volta – Zapp Electric Co., Electrical Contractors • Eddie Forgot – Piecemeal Corporation, Equipment Suppliers • Win Easley – Project Management Consultant III. Opportunity In 1998, a mini-boom in commercial construction occurred. After years of regular complaining that CWC’s production efficiency was not reaching its full potential due to limited manufacturing space, and with the prospect of a major

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