The Customer Centric Philosophies Of Amazon Essay

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The Customer-centric Philosophies of Amazon
Although each retailer announced them to pursue the idea of customer first, "the customer is god" signs are prominently hanging in a lot of shopping malls, but it is really hard to be implemented in the business, amazon is the one of the few ( 10-K, 2015).
Bezos put a chair in each of the meeting, but he makes the chair empty and leave the chair for the customer who could not represent but is most important for Amazon. Bezos has concluded after purchasing zappos, for so many years, what he gets is customer is always most important for business ( 10-K, 2015).
From amazon 's organization structure, we can see a characteristic: departments are related to the customer service interface, the user 's complaints and comments will be reviewed and handled in time by each department. For the product, which is complained too much by customers, customer service department will have the authority to suspend shelves and sold ( 10-K, 2015).
In the Amazon, the most powerful is not the head of the company 's various departments, but the customer service department. Users will sometimes send questions to CEO Bezos directly to talk about their comments and complaint. Usually, Bezos will put the email to the relevant departments, who is required to find out problems and solve them. It clearly tells us: take the customer as the center is really done by Amazon ( 10-K, 2015).
For the online services, amazon has

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