The Customer Service Perspective

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The Customer Service Perspective: The customer service perspective of the balanced scorecard starts to analyze the accomplishment of financial objectives one step back i.e. to the recipients or customers of services offered by the organization that resources support. Generally, the balanced scorecard brought customer metrics into performance management systems through including features related to value proposition and outcome metrics for customers. These initiatives are geared towards customer success, especially in relation to satisfaction and retention. While many companies implement these efforts towards customer success, some of them lose focus of the ultimate goal, which is to make profit through the sale of products and/or services (Kaplan, 2005). These companies fail to achieve the ultimate goal of the business process in their eagerness to delight customers. Customer Perspectives of Each Company: While the balanced scorecard was developed in 1990 following a year review of 12 companies, it has developed to become a strategic tool rather than management reporting that is used by executive teams to establish strategy (Gumbus & Lussier, 2006, p.409). Hyde Park Electronics, Southern Gardens Citrus, and Futura Industries are examples of small companies that are using a balanced scorecard. Hyde Park Electronics implemented a balanced scorecard following proposals by an advisory board member. The specific customer perspective that the firm focused on as part of
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