The Customer 's Online Experience

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The objective of this report is to examine the customer’s online experience. Research the influence of customers perceived risks and product uncertainty. As well as how technology influences the consumer behaviour. Online customers indicate that they are unsatisfied with the risks they endure while shopping online and much research is needed to evaluate what affects the customers’ online experience.

This report focuses on technology as a macro and its effects towards the environment, society as well as the impacts technology has towards consumers. Online shopping has many disadvantages and marketers are researching to find out how the online shopping experience with the help of new technology can be better for the consumer’s enjoyment. Many researchers such as Barnes (2013), Portas (2011), and Monsuwe et al., (2004) have said that the rise of technology and the popularity of the internet in the twenty first century has effected British retailers on the high street. Technology has changed the way people communicate and purchase goods. Technology has also transformed society’s expectations and way of life (De Kare-Silver, 2011). New technologies are being introduced every week: computers, the Internet, smart phones and tablets, are all advancements of technology that lets the user access all kinds of information any time of the day, wherever they are. Many businesses benefit from new advanced technologies as they can target consumers through advertisements and marketing…
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