The Customs for Muslim Weddings

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I wanted to do this project on her because she is a Muslim woman and wears the hijab (the traditional Muslim head covering), but one thing that always stood out to me was her such great belief and her faith in her God, or Allah. I am not religious at all, but she’s always got me interested in her religion and I knew that it would play a major role in her upcoming nuptials. So when we met for drinks last weekend, we delved right into her exciting new path in life, getting married to the love of her life! As we continued to chat about her wedding, I asked to see the ring, told her how absolutely fabulous she looked and then, we finally got down to business. As someone who isn’t aware of the customs of Muslim weddings, I wanted to know the steps of what is completely entailed in the wedding: what is the prep leading up to the wedding day, what ceremonies (if any) are practiced and other special preparations for their day. So she jumped right in and told me that there are different customs from all around the world and that all Islamic weddings aren’t practiced the same. For instance, in Muslim families, a dowry is given to the bride from the groom (Islam 1). Some may view that as being degrading or ‘wrong’ but I think it’s beautiful, to feel like your family has become so wealthy with this…
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