The Cyber Physical System Of Intelligent Manufacturing

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level abstractions’ does not include the temporal dynamics, which means the interaction is difficult to achieve in real time. Therefore, it is arduous that building suitable models of physical factors and software and networks. Moreover, for the reason that the industry will be developed more functionally like, intelligent manufacturing, the Cyber-Physical System of intelligent manufacturing is going to become exceedingly complicated, which means the Cyber-physical system need to embed with more sensors, actuators, and network platforms. Not only does the complexity cause that the system tends to be immoderate, but also it leads the security issues of the system [10, 12]. In general, as one of the essential technologies, the Cyber-Physical System is the front-page research target for intelligent manufacturing. 2.2 Internet of Things The Internet of Things is defined as the network of physical things, such as components, devices, machines, vehicles and so on, which objects can collect and exchange data with automatically communicating without human interaction [13]. These data are required variously (e.g. heat, sound, light, location, mechanics, and components) obtained in real time on the wire or wireless communication level by sensors, Auto-ID integration, and other electronic or mechatronic devices [14; 15]. By using the data, the industrial production can be improved by decreasing unscheduled machine downtime and energy costs and other benefits significantly [16]. Basic
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