Essay on The CyberCrime of Hacking

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It’s recommended that Homeland Security should practice constant and consistent training to create awareness on specific security procedures, disaster response plans and other issues like visual awareness reminders such as the posters in their laboratories and other places. These procedures will keep the employees on toes such that they have the right information concerning procedures to deal with cybercrime and hence be proactive rather than being reactive to incidents. Training has to be done on important occasions like when new employees have been introduced and on instances of a new technology discovery. Training can be on job training or away from the working premises. It is important that the necessary training tools and facilities…show more content…
It is also recommended that documents containing this information should be shredded before being discharged. Shredding would ensure that these documents cannot be of any use to hackers and ensure the content is not subject to view. This is because some cybercrime hackers get massive obsolete information to gather important pieces of materials that may enable them to easily hack into Homeland Security systems. Search for programs used by hackers in cybercrime attacks vary. These programs could be software programs or any programmable gadget that could facilitate cybercrime. They should then distribute these programs to the employees giving them passwords and pins or other authentication systems that could help in prevention of hacking. They should also update these systems to their latest versions and patches. Making employees sign a code of ethics could also facilitate stopping attacks (Foote D., 2002). Some employees might be experts in hacking systems and it is advisable for them to sign a code of ethics that could protect the organizations interest. This would only be achievable through them being loyal to Homeland Security. Making them sign and making oaths is advisable so that Homeland Security could have confidence in its workers and streamline its operations. This is a god method of monitoring and controlling ethic codes and ensuring their breach is kept to a minimum.
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