The Cycle Of Socialization By Bobby Harro

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Bobby Harro’s The Cycle of Socialization she explains the process in which one goes through to be socialized, or taught to behave in a way that is socially acceptable according to the resources that have socialized that particular person. I’m an atheist, a person who lacks belief in gods or religion. Now I wasn’t brought up that way, so how did I end up an atheist? Well through applying The Cycle of Socialization I can explain the process I went through to get to where I am today. The Beginning, as stated by Harro “[we] are born into a world with the mechanics of oppression already in place.” Meaning when we are born oppression exists without even knowing. So I am born, December 31, 1996, and the blue prints for my socialization are already running through my parents heads. A strong idea was that all their children will be Christian. At this point I am labeled as a Christian child and ultimately apart of a dominate religious group. With no delay, what Harro calls, “First Socialization” come into play. First Socialization is explained by Bobby as “[we] are first socialized by people we love and trust” like by our parents, grandparents, older siblings, or family friends. Basically any close loved one that could influence you so to speak. In my case it was a duel effort by my Fathers parents and my own parents. Through planting bible story books in my room to painting my walls in a Noah’s Ark theme. I also spent many days at my Fathers parents’ house, it was hard to tell…

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