The Cyclical Teen Musical Film

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The Cyclical Teen Musical Film Considered by Jane Feuer to be “the only form of musical that retains widespread popularity” (123), the teen musical film is a cyclical sub-genre of the musical film that keeps coming back again and again since the 1960s, proving that it is a sub-genre here to stay. And since this is a cyclical sub-genre, its historical development is also cyclical in matter: it develops slightly throughout the cycle, as per many other film genres, but always seems to return back to its original narrative structure and conventions, even through the stylistic and sociocultural changes throughout the decades. Each time the teen musical film has come back into mainstream popularity, the films are always characterized by their dual-focus structure – primarily a male-female main character pairing – and the two thematic elements typical of youth films, as described by Timothy Shary: the growing up theme, and a conformity/rebellion binary. The only changes are caused by sociocultural means, including, but not limited to, the Rock n’ Roll musicals of the 70’s, the Punk musicals beginning in the late 70’s, and the female-centered narratives of the 80s. Ever since the introduction of sound in the late 1920s and 1930s, the film musical has been a prominent genre. However, up until the end of the “Golden Age” of the film musical, the majority of these musical films produced were geared towards an adult audience to help raise morale during the depression, World War I, and

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