The Cyclops Analysis

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The presence of alcohol fosters an environment that augments the schism between Leopold Bloom and the national identity of Ireland by highlighting the disconnect in the cultural identities and the political values between Bloom and the nation’s people.

The presence of alcohol is the spark that underlines the difference in Bloom’s cultural identity and the homosocial cultural identity of the patriotic personnages he encounters in various pubs. In the “Cyclops” section, the portrayal of men purchasing and enjoying drinks through the round system establishes drinking as an activity that promotes civic identity and community. To illustrate, the narrator participates in consuming a round of alcohol with Joe and
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Bloom, however, is employed as an advertising canvasser as mentioned in the “Aeolus” section. As a result, Bloom’s is in a position where he would not “truly understand their plight”as an employed Jewish man (Tricer). Subsequently, Bloom’s conscious decision to abstain from alcohol separates him from the men in the pub, not only in “his refusal to drink, [but to also] in turn buy drinks,and he subsequently Bloom’s conscious decision to abstain from alcohol separated him from the men in the pub, not only because of “his refusal to drink, [but to also] in turn buy drinks, his Judaism and inherent role outside of the Irish dialectic - as their nationalism and their drinking become one” (Tricera). Bloom acknowledges the cultural differences between him and the patrons at the bar, and but fails to acknowledge his perspective towards the idea of consuming alcohol as a potential reason as to why he is unable to culturally identify with the everyday Irish man. In the aforementioned “Cyclops” section, drinking and the purchasing of rounds is perceived as a social activity that promotes inclusion and community. In the Eumaeus section, however, Bloom…show more content…
In the “Cyclops” section, the Citizen describes Bloom as a “mean bloody scut” after the latter refuses a drink as the Citizen remarks “there’s a jew for you” (Joyce 443). A scut is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “a person perceived as foolish, contemptible, or objectionable” (“Scut”). The narrator suggests that Bloom may be objectionable as he is described as being an odd fellow with a peculiar smell commonly associated with those of the Jewish faith. As a result, Bloom’s status as a foreigner solidifies, as he has become estranged from the national identity by sharing a common perspective with the British towards drinking and by associating himself with a faith that deviates from that of Catholic Ireland. The duality of Bloom’s foreign status prompts the Citizen inquire “What is your nation?” (Cite) As a Jewish man and a ideological associate of Britain, Bloom is an easy target of alienation and suspicion considering that Ireland is venturing towards re-establishing their national identity shortly after (HISTORY). The Irish Ireland identity that the country is striving towards implies a pure Irish race, something that the drunk Catholic working class patriotic Citizen considers to be of great importance, which explains
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